Search and Rescue Lincolnshire

Our mission is to save lives and relieve suffering by providing a highly skilled and dedicated team of volunteers from all walks of life, who are trained to search for and recover missing vulnerable persons.

Our teams are specialists, working alongside, Lincolnshire Police and other emergency services, including community organisations throughout Lincolnshire, by striving to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, safety, and technical expertise in all of our operations.

Providing trained First Aid and specialist Search and Rescue volunteers to the County Emergency Resilience Forum, during times of flood or other natural and man-made disasters that may affect our communities.

We strive to maintain proficiency in our skills and work hard to stay current, in training and equipment. Since our team is volunteer based, we do not charge for our services. Our ultimate goal is to find missing loved ones, assisting individuals and communities whilst showing compassion to those in distress.

Team Recovery of CasualtyAll our members are volunteers, from our local communities, regardless of their professional backgrounds. Our primary aim being to assist the Police and Emergency

Services in searching for vulnerable or missing persons, a child, an elderly person living with dementia, other mental illnesses or circumstances. Where in each case, an emergency response is vital.

Each of our teams consists of Search Technicians, Team Leaders, Search Planners, and Search Managers. Teams are available to respond 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Every member of the team is trained to exacting national standards and undergoes a yearly re-qualification as well as undertaking a continual training program which is both theory and practical based. This training is carried out at various locations in and around Lincolnshire, in different terrains and environments.
Members are qualified in search techniques, first aid, navigation, communications, search planning and management.

This method ensures that at all times team members are proficient, professional and fit to undertake their volunteer roles.

Search and Rescue - Lincolnshire, consists of 100% dedicated fully trained volunteers as well as a network of support staff, we also work closely with other charities that are able to assist with such things as Logistics, welfare, etc. when required.

The team receives no government funding, and is totally reliant on donations, grants and our own fundraising efforts to operate.