Search & Rescue - Lincolnshire is an organisation, manned 100% by trained volunteers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whatever the weather. Assisting the Police and other agencies in searcing for vulnerable missing persons.

Members  come from all walks of the community regardless of their professional background and  receive no reward, payment or expenses for anything they do.
Their reward is the satisfaction of doing something highly valuable to help others in their communities, returning missing and vulnerable persons back to their families and saving lives.

Lincolnshire is the second largest county in England, with a populationĀ  of 1,082,300 inhabitants (2023), covering 6,975 square kilometres, (2,293square miles). The topography of the county ranges from the flatlands of the fens to the rolling hills of the wolds.

Our trained search teams may be called to assist in searching, both urban and rural areas, recreation grounds, car parks, buildings, open countryside, woods, riverbanks and beaches in conjunction with other agencies. Our teams may also be called upon to assist search teams from neighbouring counties.

As well as searcing for missing or vulnerable persons, our teams may be called upon to seach for evidence, i.e. an item of clothing, a missing vehicle or to help in a natural disaster or civil emergencies.

All operational team members are subject to an enhanced DBS check, a high level of commitment is required in obtaining qualifications for search techniques, management and planning, radio communications, first aid, map reading, etc.

Search & Rescue - Lincolnshire is dependent totally on membership subscriptions and donations of money and equipment. All of our members freely give their time for our respective communities throughout Lincolnshire.
New members are always welcome, whether in a operational role or a supporting roll you would be most welcome in joinining our teams. Search & Rescue team members must be at least 18 years of age, reasonable fit to complete a fitness route in a specific time. There is no upper age limit and for those of us not quite as fit there are important supporting rolls.

If you feel that you could give a little of your time andĀ  would like to know more, please contact us.