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Search & Rescue Control vehicle

Search and Rescue - Lincolnshire was established in January 2023,

Not all our members wish to be operational, therefore non-operational members, supporting operational teams are welcome.
More details on operational and non-operational membership can be found on our membership page.

We are always looking for new volunteers to join the team. No previous search and rescue experience is required.
Our training team will help you get the training required and make sure you are fully qualified before your first live callout.Those wishing to become Search and Rescue operational team members, are required to attend and complete a series of training modules to become a ‘Search Technician’.
The role of ‘Search Technician’ is the basic qualification needed before any member can take part in a live callout.
Once completed there is a probationary period and on-going yearly re-accreditation has to be completed by all operational members.

Following qualification as a 'Search Technician' there are more advanced roles which may be undertaken, in team leading, search managing and search planning.
There is no glamour in any form of search & rescue, the search is always sensitive and can also be traumatic on occasions, we have to work in the strictest confidence and with the greatest integrity. When operational one has to remember that your personal behaviour outside of the team can reflect back on the whole of the team.

If you are passionate about helping your community and would like to be part of a team of like-minded individuals, we urge you to email our membership team who will invite you to come to one of our monthly training sessions, here you will meet team members and have an insight into what our teams and training are about.

Having attended one of our Monthly training sessions, then if you then feel Search and Rescue is for you, complete a Membership Application Form for more information about the next steps in the process.

Search and Rescue - Lincolnshire is:

  • 100% Volunteer
  • 100% Non-profit
  • 100% Dedicated
  • 100% Donation and Grant Funded